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Archisonies was born from the CLE association, created in 2006 following the sound and theatrical experiment “L’envers du visible”
C.L.E is a two-way acronym. A Free Composition for a Building always poses the difficulty of obtaining “passes”. Administrative authorizations, access constraints. Each place is a guarded treasure. Our approach is to request access and to offer, during a residency, a sound, theatrical or performance experimentation.
A music, a place, a dramaturgy

The choice to work in spaces not predestined for musical or theatrical representation requires the development of transdisciplinary approaches.
You have to slip into the place, offer imaginary relationships. To do this, we photograph, draw, sketch, listen, visit its users, collect their little stories, their archives.
Intimate place, large place, we sometimes carry out a topographical survey, draw up plans. The pinchings, the widenings recommend arrangements, stagings.

We are trying to create new tools that allow us to grasp this or that characteristic.

A common thread emerges from this entire research. A dramaturgical framework. An event. Ours, that of the place.
It is not a question here of doing “immersive” sound in banal places, of broadcasting straight away, of thinking of ourselves as productivists. Archisonies is a utopia. We offer a place of experiences, a place of thoughts. To become one with the place, to risk it.
Production requires residency work in each location. This unusual approach requires know-how. Depending on the needs and the context, each project is surrounded by a specific artistic team.
Some projects may travel from location to location, requiring adaptation work.


                                                                                                                                                                                                         Jean-Philippe Velu
                                                                                                                                                                     Artistic director, architect, composer

Have collaborated or are currently collaborating on the company's creations:

Alexis Morel / Composer, actor and flautist
Maki Watanabe / Dancer
Camille Riquier / Scenographer
Aleth CF / Light
F. Savate / Computer programming-AI

Maylis Nouvellon / Cultural sociologist
Nicolas Archimbault / Anthropological documentary filmmaker
Adrien Buchet / Architectural photographer
Frédéric Ambroisine / Photographer, videographer

Experimental trio Locus
Meir Cohen, Chim Nwabueze, Silence
Images: Adrien Cohen Ollivier

Sarah Caillaud, Christine Sécher
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