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This acousmatic music (also called "concrete music" or "electroacoustic music") is designed to be broadcast and performed on an orchestra of loudspeakers (acousmonium)
However, you can enjoy the trip by using headphones.

Towns, is a free acousmatic interpretation of the short story of the same title, written by Gérard Klein in 1981 in the anthology “a man against the city”.

Frogs was born from a sound recording carried out near Fontainebleau at night, along a lake. I think it’s my best spatial music concert. The amphibians enveloped and expanded the space, composing melodies with elusive rhythms. Until this moment when a car zoomed by. Motorized cataclysm, sharp white noise, collapsing the place, the moment, the songs.

About Noam Chomsky and these frogs, here is a clue:
“I suppose frogs pay no attention to being frogs. They take it for granted. What interests a frog are differences among frogs. From our point of view they are more or less the same, from their point of view they are all radically different. »
Noam Chomasky


Sound recordings made between 2019 and 2022

Pneumawas inspired by the Méhul school, classified as of architectural interest and built at the time of the hygienist movement in order to care for very fragile children, particularly those with pre-tuberculosis.

Pneuma: Breath or aerial spirit to which, in antiquity, certain doctors attributed the cause of life, and, consequently, of diseases. See also, the Chinese term, qi or Indian, prana; Name that the Stoics gave to a principle of a spiritual nature, which they considered to be a fifth element

Granulomaenters the cycle of Pneuma acousmatic compositions, inspired by the architecture of the Méhul school.

During infection with the bacteria responsible for tuberculosis, a tuberculoid “granuloma” is formed in the lungs, namely a cluster of cells which constitute the immune response to inflammation. This granuloma can remain dormant – and therefore asymptomatic – for several months or years, before finally disseminating into the lungs or other organs of the body and thus developing the disease.

Granulome is initially a multiphonic composition in 5.1.

Single Combat, an acousmatic interpretation of the science fiction short story "A Man Against the City" written in 1954 by American author Robert Abernathy, a remarkable sound thriller set in a sprawling city...

I feel noises, I feel only the truth

Modified soundscapes of Tokyo.
Recorded in September 2017.
Edited in September 2018.

.....part of a lost work 

Les Buttes-Chaumont

Acousmatic composition made with the intrinsic sounds of the Buttes Chaumont footbridge (Paris) and its immediate sound environment

Auscultation sonore

Other sound creations available on the podcast of the show “Déambulations Urbaines”.

(click on the image to access the podcast)

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