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The sacred pigeon touched him.


What have you ? should I envy the mist in the center of this knowing look?

This look which covered this serious comment, almost every evening?

the time before...
Tell them that every century that two hundred and thirty years ago,


between a pendulum including the cricket which experienced itself
and the time of the hive...

the time before telegraphy electric Thursday, lighting, electric Thursday, lighting

despair rolled over to the great one perhaps who was singing in the organization: war!

The modern rudder is the merciless plow that the workers take care of these old walls, such beautiful monuments....

whose sky its great dreamers, these paintings... forgotten

The bridge at the top of Paris, the Milky Way! But be careful! Flamel! Flamel that Pascal renewed suspended in the love of God!

What would you answer, dear child? Odette well? Odette ?

Big dreamers? these forgotten paintings? the time before the Milky Way? *


*Faced with the large quantity of written archives on the site, a program has been specifically designed to  generate “story”. The one above is, for example, from around twenty pages of archives.
Text programming: F. Savate

The composition “The Gravity of Air” is inspired by recurring symbolic images found in these texts.
It was designed as a sound installation with a double inverted stereo device. Listening with headphones is strongly recommended;

Concept and music: Jean-Philippe Velu
Software programming: F. Savate

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