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Locus Free improvisation trio

The atmosphere of an environment generates, consciously or not, playing postures in the musician.

The places, by their characteristics, their uses, their history, invitent to stage situations.
You can play this or that. Like this or like that. Maybe not.
Perhaps this one, of location, is too reverberant for this sound material, perhaps it has trop of character(s) for this or that prosody(s).
Maybe the “place” is only the scene of a collective imagination.

The moment of improvisation is fragile, ephemeral. To improvise in a space, for a space, is to confront one's habits, one's reflexes, one's musical culture, to put one's interior landscape into dialogue with athird party.
For us, it is about playing with the intimacy of this relationship, exploring a tenuous thread,
to put yourself in scene internally, to make noise there.

Never any partitions, no predilection, but the intention of a color, of a light.

the trio
Locus aims to test places through improvisationn free

Jean-Philippe: Saxophones, FX, electroacoustics
Chim: Musical saw, guitar, FX
MeÏr: Drums, percussion

Contact :
tel: 06 45 39 62 23


Cinema Concert

The Aran Man (Robert Flaherty, 1934, excerpt / Music improvised simultaneously with the screening of the film)

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