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A hybrid radio creation that talks about the territories

LE PETIT MONDE is a hybrid sound harvesting device. Combining wandering, on-board violin making, radio sound recording, it offers an experimental journey along the Loir, from its source to its jetty in the Sarthe, representing a journey of 319 km. Through this project, we aim to link life stories, geography, electroacoustics and thus offer a new reading of the territory.

We like to think that territories are not summed up in a few GPS coordinates any more than in their road and communication infrastructures or in a few points of interest marked on a tourist map. They are full of little stories, of unknown intimate legends which weave invisible meshes. And it would be possible to make a geography of it.
We have felt this observation in our bodies, over time and kilometers: more than 3000 in the last two years on the roads of France.
Last year, we walked along part of the Loir Valley equipped with a recorder to collect stories from the residents we met. From their history, from their link to a territory that we were only crossing, other routes emerged, other reliefs: in short, another map. Because individuals are imprinted as much as they permeate these spaces and to discover the character of a landscape is also to encounter the character of those who inhabit it.
Today, we want to move to another stage: rethink our trajectories and explore in more depth these contrasting links that weave this territory. Reexamine this notion of social and spatial network through a radio and plastic approach.

Project under development!

We are looking for funding to continue this project!


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